Are you in search of high-quality filament for your 3D printing projects, ensuring durability and strength? Our ABS+ filament is the answer to your needs! Designed for top performance, our ABS+ offers not only solidity but also a wide range of applications.

Why choose ABS+ filament?

  1. High Mechanical Strength: ABS+ filament boasts exceptional mechanical strength, making it perfect for printing objects requiring heavy loads or exposed to high stresses.

  2. Superior Impact Resistance: Thanks to its flexibility and strength, our ABS+ filament handles dynamic loads excellently, ensuring durability even with sudden changes in load.

  3. Excellent Thermal Properties: Our ABS+ filament performs exceptionally well in high-temperature conditions, making it an ideal choice for printing parts exposed to heat.

  4. Supported by Leading Manufacturers: Our ABS+ filaments are produced by renowned manufacturers such as Devil Design and Fiberlogy, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the product.

  5. Wide Range of Colors and Sizes Available: We offer a rich selection of colors and various filament diameters, allowing you to perfectly match the material to your needs and preferences.

With our ABS+ filament, you can be confident that your 3D prints will be durable, precise, and meet your expectations.

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